Call for Authors

Praeger Security International is accepting proposals to publish volumes in the
PSI Guides to Terrorists, Insurgents and Armed Groups.

Each volume in this series is meant to be a relatively short but authoritative research study of a particular terrorist group, insurgency, organized criminal network or other armed group.

* NOTE: Chapter 1 should provide basic facts about the group, and address key questions the reader will need to know: When was the group founded, by whom, and where are their primary bases of support and operations? How are they organized, led, etc.? What are the primary sources of their weapons, finances, other kinds of logistics support? What are the main pillars of their ideology, and have these changed over time? Where are their primary recruitment bases? Do they control territory? Providing these and other basic facts about the group will be necessary before leading the reader through your narrative in subsequent chapters.

* NOTE: The works in this series are not limited to single authorship, and when appropriate, can be co-authored


Recent works in the series include:


Current Works in Progress
Authors are currently writing volumes for the series about the following groups:


Proposal Preparation

Please click here for an Example of a PSI book proposal

Your proposal should include the following elements:

I: The Basic Facts

1. Complete name and street address of each co-author or co-editor. Include phone, fax, and email.

2. Name of Organization or Group that your book will focus on, and working title if you have one

For ideas on groups, please see the following web pages:
Terrorist Organization Profiles (TOPS), courtesy of START (U. Maryland)
Terrorist Groups, courtesy of the National Counterterrorism Center
Organized Criminal Networks, courtesy of the FBI

3. Length: Our ideal is 70,000 - 90,000 words.

4. Proposed delivery date. This should not be longer than 18 months after contract at the latest. We will aim to publish 6-9 months after determining that the manuscript received is acceptable. This determination process may include peer review and subsequent revision by the author. Also, if significant portions of the manuscript have already been written, please indicate this in your proposal.

II: About the Book

Please click here for an example

III: About the Author

7. CV or resume. (Please submit your CV as a separate document, a Word attachment to an email, not embedded in the middle of the proposal.)

8. Author's citizenship.


Please send your proposal, as well as any requests for information or clarification, to


For information about the series editor, please visit James Forest's website