Subject Bibliographies Published in Perspectives on Terrorism


Books / General / 50 / Review Joshua Sinai
New Literature / General Gillian Duncan
New Literature / General Eric Price
Radicalization and De-radicalization from Terrorism Eric Price
Dissertations and Theses / General / (1980-2010) Eric Price
Human Rights and Terrorism Eric Price
Institutes, Programs and Organisations / 100 Benjamin Freedman
CBRN Threats Eric Price
Organized Crime Eric Price
Internet Websites and Links / General Berto Jongman
Religion Eric Price
Conflict Prevention, Crime Prevention, Terrorism Prevention, and Violence Prevention Eric Price
Africa since the Second World War Eric Price
Right-wing and Vigilante Terrorism Eric Price
Media, Propaganda & Cyber-Terrorism Eric Price
Terrorism in History Eric Price
Books / General / 150 Top Books in the Study of Terrorism / Review Joshua Sinai
Future of Terrorism (including Trends) Eric Price
Drones and Targeted Killing, Prosecuting Terrorism, and Enhanced Interrogation Techniques v. Torture Jaclyn A. Peterson
Inside Terrorist Organisations Eric Price
Radicalisation to, and De-Radicalisation from, Terrorism / Journal Articles / 20 / Review David C. Hofmann
Radicalization and Recruitment, De-Radicalization and Dis-Engagement, and Counter-Radicalization and Countering Violent Extremism David C. Hofmann; Alex P. Schmid
Victims of Terrorism Eric Price
Al-Qaeda since 2001 Eric Price
Media (including the Internet) / Extensive Bibliography Judith Tinnes
Dissertations and Theses TRI Network / General / Preliminary and Partial Inventory Coordinators TRI's National Network
Kidnapping for Ransom and for Political Concessions Eric Price
Journals / General / Core and Periphery / 100 Judith Tinnes
Refugee Situations (including Internally Displaced Persons) and Terrorism (incl. other forms of Political Violence and Armed Conflict) Eric Price
Websites and Blogs / General / 230 Judith Tinnes


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This Annotated Bibliography has been produced by faculty and researchers of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point, and is meant to serve as an information resource for students, researchers, policymakers, teachers, the media and the general public.

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